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Joan Hughes here. I help coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs blast through your money blocks so you have a mind that is OPEN AND FREE to attract, make and keep all the money you desire - whether it's your next million or your first 100,000.

If you’d like to eliminate the biggest block keeping you from bringing in more money in your business, right now, be sure to click on the "YES! I'm Ready To Explode My Income Now" above.  (Later, you can check out the rest of the website... You know you want to. 😉)

You're in the right place if...

You're heart-centered

You own your own business and you are dedicated to growing it in an ethical, heart-centered way. You also believe that there’s more to life than working 80 hours a week and are ready to make the money in your business you set out to make.

You want lasting change

You’re tired of hearing the same promises over and over again from “gurus” and are ready for an expert who has 4 decades of experience running her own business and nearly 20 years of helping clients blast through their hidden blocks.

You're ready now...

You want a highly targeted, highly personalized program specifically designed to help you eliminate the biggest blocks that are holding you back, and your business back. This is not a cookie-cutter program. This is hand-tailored to your specific needs.


47% Increase in Revenue After Just Two Months!

After just two months working with Joan to clear my money blocks, everything started to change. I went from being stuck, spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast to taking decisive action and boosting my revenue over 46%!

Joan is compassionate, intuitive and very gifted at what she does!

Dana Zarcone  ~ The "Liberating Leadership Coach"


More  Clients; More Confidence

Since starting Joan's Money-Ready Mindset Set Go program, I've noticed that my confidence has been higher. My sign up rate for new clients has also increased. After our very first class, I had an intro coaching session and signed up a new client at the highest full-pay that I've ever received!

As a 10-plus year veteran coach and an energy practitioner, when I use the techniques Joan showed me, I can actually feel the energy shifts inside of me that lead to greater peace, abundance and prosperity.

Jason Rosado - Distinctive Coaching for Business Success


Is it selfish to put your own happiness first?

By Joan Hughes | August 8, 2016

Not long ago, it hit me (for the umpteenth time): “It’s all about me!” By that, I meant that everything that was happening in my life was a perfect reflection of what I was “being”. “It’s all about me!!!” So why would I ever allow myself to feel anything but good …? …Which was the opposite of how…

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What is freedom?

By Joan Hughes | July 28, 2016

I wrote this in 2011 and published it on March 3 of that year. “Freedom” is still a subject that comes up for me – especially when I am going through a period of feeling trapped. When I re-read this article, I had to laugh, when I realized that in 2011, I clearly thought I had…

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The gift of being sleep deprived

By Joan Hughes | July 11, 2016

  Who would have thought that wisdom could come from having a near physical breakdown! Six months of sleep deprivation and I stopped being able to think! I cancelled all appointments and plans from Friday to Monday and spent the day sitting. Sometimes in the living room. Sometimes in the garden under the plum tree. Sometimes…

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