Joan Hughes

I help coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs make more money and attract clients in their business through my proven "Blast Through Your Money Blocks" process.


How I Got Here

Before coming to coaching, I chose independence over employment and spent decades as a teacher, trainer, and mentor, working on contract in the private and public sectors.

What I learned from those years was that people can let time pass quickly, never asking if they're happy with their lives. 

Now, as a coach, it is my aim to always be on the leading edge of the fastest, most direct and most efficient breakthrough coaching techniques, to help people know what they want and actually get it. 

What I See For the Future

My desire is to continue to expand my ways of serving those who find their way to me - helping you take the best that's within you out into the world.

International Money-Blocks Breakthrough Coach

Insight leading to my current coaching practice: "We humans are not meant to suffer. We are meant to be joyful, loving, and free."

Some of my favourite things: Exploring, growing, expanding, and gaining new awareness, knowledge and wisdom. 

Inspired work: Identifying and removing the hidden money blocks holding my clients back.

Creator of home-study program: "From Vision to Completion: Life Without Struggle"

Angeline Hart: "I had a great session with Joan. The negative impact of some very old issues dropped from an 8 out of 10 to ZERO! Wow! Joan is fast, personal, practical and precise!" 

Begin from within: At our core, we already are who we seek to be. My joy is to free people, so that they can experience ease and freedom in their businesses and their lives.


37% Increase In Profits In Just One Month!!

I was Joan’s business coach when I hired her to remove my money blocks! Although I am a successful coach, I was up against a money block that was keeping me from reaching my next level of success. In just a few sessions I cleared some major blocks which resulted in a 37% increase in revenue in just one month! Joan's work is SO POWERFUL!

Pamela Vandervoort ~ Dating for True Love


Bye, Bye Collection Notices!!

I decided to have my money blocks cleared by Joan because I had a horrible relationship with money. Even though I was making decent money, I was spending more than I made and ignoring my finances to the point that I was getting collection notices. On top of that, I had a strong aversion to looking at my finances, paying bills, and even talking about money.

Since I had my money blocks removed by Joan, I am now on a budget, paying down credit card debt, and paying bills easily each week. That is a big change. 

NJ Shelsby ~ Productivity Expert

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