Is it selfish to put your own happiness first?

Not long ago, it hit me (for the umpteenth time): “It’s all about me!” By that, I meant that everything that was happening in my life was a perfect reflection of what I was “being”. “It’s all about me!!!” So why would I ever allow myself to feel anything but good …?

photo by Dan Carlson…Which was the opposite of how I was feeling this morning. After a phenomenal weekend of beauty, freedom, and walking in the mountains, my mind was calling me out to play, and I was having a heckuva time settling down to what felt like “work”.

It was going to be hard to get out of this one. So, I decided to write out a plan for beginning each day in the right “vibration”, which I’m happy to share with you here.

I’ve written it to myself, but please feel free to add your own ideas and morning rituals to it.

“Begin Each Day in the Right Vibration”

  1. No matter how bad you may feel, you still have the ability to choose. So you might as well choose to feel good. Choosing to be happy – for no particular reason – has to be your first choice.
  2. Have a morning practice that you can count on to get you into a good place. In this way, you’ll be starting each day at a high vibration, no matter how you woke up feeling! Your vibration is equivalent to the light you are sending out into your world. The brighter a beacon you are, the brighter the light you share with everybody who comes into contact with you.
  3. The way I find easiest to get there is by going out for a walk first thing in the morning, with the objective of feeling more and more gratitude, as I walk along, for everything I see, hear, and feel. I call it “My Gratitude Walk”.
  4. No matter how low I feel when I start out, my goal is to end with a heart filled with gratitude. And that feels really great! It sets me up for a wonderful day every time: When I feel inspired, I am inspiring, and I’m sure my clients appreciate that.
  5. This takes discipline. It comes first from a choice to be good to yourself and to make sure that you are feeling good. The challenge is that, when you’re feeling low, it’s easy to continue wallowing in it. But NOT if you have truly chosen to be happy.
  6. So, be sure to stop, notice how you’re feeling, acknowledge that you’re feeling really crummy. Then choose to feel better, and look for ways to fill your heart with gratitude – one reason at a time.
  7. An aside: For me it’s beauty that uplifts my spirits. The beauty of a song-bird’s song, or the beauty of the flowers or the sky, or the loving energy that the  trees are sharing so generously with me.
  8. Something else that gets me out of the dumps is to choose to do something really well. Feeling great about myself can easily cancel out any doubts that have pulled me down.
  9. That, and doing something to help others. Helping somebody else brings about an immediate shift, as I completely forget how I was feeling as soon as I take my attention off myself and place it on another person .

I learned something really profound from my teacher, Maharishi Mayesh Yogi: “Everything that happens to us is for the expansion (evolution) of the Self”. Everything we go through is for the sake of the growth of both our small selves and our Big Selves.

So I’ve also learned that it’s not selfish to take care of my own needs. It’s not selfish to choose to be happy (even if there are others suffering around me). “Everything is for the sake of the expansion of the Self”, and the more we can be living our lives at the vibration of our Higher Selves, the better it is for us, and if it’s better for us, it is far better for the world!

So, go ahead. Choose to feel great. Make that your #1 choice all the time. You will be a beacon shining your brightest light out into  the world. That will not only lead you to having a life that you can deeply enjoy, but it will also transform you into an example for others to follow, and bring joy into their lives, too.

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