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Is it selfish to put your own happiness first?

Not long ago, it hit me (for the umpteenth time): “It’s all about me!” By that, I meant that everything that was happening in my life was a perfect reflection of what I was “being”. “It’s all about me!!!” So why would I ever allow myself to feel anything but good …? …Which was the opposite of how…

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What is freedom?

I wrote this in 2011 and published it on March 3 of that year. “Freedom” is still a subject that comes up for me – especially when I am going through a period of feeling trapped. When I re-read this article, I had to laugh, when I realized that in 2011, I clearly thought I had…

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The gift of being sleep deprived

  Who would have thought that wisdom could come from having a near physical breakdown! Six months of sleep deprivation and I stopped being able to think! I cancelled all appointments and plans from Friday to Monday and spent the day sitting. Sometimes in the living room. Sometimes in the garden under the plum tree. Sometimes…

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