The best way forward!

It took me years of chasing after what I wanted out in the world, to have it finally hit me that life really shouldn’t be this hard.

photo-1458571037713-913d8b481dc6Around that same time, a close coaching friend of mine told me this: “I want it easy.” That’s what she had “put out to the Universe”.

Hearing her say that suddenly brought my whole business life as it was at the time into clear focus. It was anything but easy. Why hadn’t I thought of asking for easy?

The answer: Up until that point, I had believed that it would be hard. It should be hard. Business is hard. “It’s hard to make a buck”, my father, also a business man used to say. “Expect to put in a lot of years of long hours to get your business up and running and making a profit.” I’d also heard that from other people in business.

But my friend said, “I want it easy,” and I suddenly believed that it actually could be possible. Not only that, but it was something that I wanted, badly, because, after months and months of poor sleep, I was on the verge of a physical breakdown if I didn’t make it happen.

And so began the search to find an easier path to thriving business and a fabulous lifestyle.

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